Accounting websites seem to be fond of stock photography of suits. Or Fortune 500 companies.

While suits are nice if your intention is to intimidate and inspire confidence, it doesn’t project the vitality that accounting could project if given the chance.

Accounting practitioners are not always people in suits. Its practitioners are also housewives paying their bills, kids filling their piggy banks, handymen handing in their receipts, garage based web developers grappling with algorithms for collecting sales tax. And while accounting is simple for anyone to learn, it is kind of like learning to survive in the wilderness – something that would be nice to learn but that most people are either too intimidated or too patronized to learn.

Accounting can be interesting. Where does money come from? Where does money go?  Whom does it flow through? What did those people do to it? Why?

AccountANTs CAN’T be interesting. That would destroy trust in the profession. The more boring, the more trustworthy. But accountING… accounting can be amazing. For the average person on the street, there is no greater mystery nor joy than money. So why be bored by it? Splurge on it!

Everything has two sides to it. Yin and Yang. The top of the balance sheet and the bottom of the balance sheet. Or rotate it 90% counterclockwise and get the left of the balance sheet and the right of the balance sheet. Get unstuck from your perspective.